Curs International – „Markers”

Curs International – „Markers”

„MARKERS”, 29 ianuarie-7 februarie 2020 , Estonia – este un curs intrenational organizat de Shokkin Estonia care si-a propus să îmbunătățească capacitatea lucrătorilor/liderilor de tineret de a genera idei in activitatile cu tinerii, prin utilizarea instrumentelor de gândire și facilitare vizuală.

Lucratori de tineret, educatori , lideri de tineret participanti au adunat pe aceasta cale instrumente și cunoștințe care sa îi ajute să susțină dezvoltarea proiectelor si ideilor cu tinerii,  implicarea lor în inițiative locale.

Proiectul a reunit participanti din țări ca Norvegia, Slovacia, Malta, România, Portugalia, Spania,Estonia, Suedia, Polonia .

„MARKERS” international training course aimed to improve youth workers/youth leaders ability to support the ideation process of young people by using visual thinking and visual facilitation tools, which result in more engaging and attractive project concepts. Youth workers, educators and/or youth leaders gathered tools and knowledge that will help them support the development of ideas with/by young people in their daily work and engage them in local initiatives of their organizations.

Proiectul brought together participants from Norvegia, Slovacia, Malta, România, Portugalia, Spania,Estonia, Suedia, Polonia .

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The dissemination of the project was conducted in Romania on 7th of March.After a long and interesting session of learning, the team of participants, using grafic facilitation, issued a local guide for exploiting the office of Youth Hub.

Diseminarea proiectului in Romania a avut loc pe data de 5 martie. Dupa a sesiune de invatare lunga dar interesanta, participantii au creat, utilizand facilitarea grafica, un ghid cuprinzand reguli de exploatare a centrului de tineret.    89295756_2511369342308012_3390328148443791360_n 89560557_2511369728974640_109613629887741952_n 89573835_2511369998974613_5125423016800419840_n 89613656_2511369265641353_3659822292407418880_n 89615164_2511370505641229_2785247516491251712_n 89623754_2511368975641382_5053360036873502720_n (1) 89623754_2511368975641382_5053360036873502720_n 89631989_2511370442307902_4511026742516776960_n 89634846_2511368622308084_817944133174820864_n 89654735_2511370575641222_5688466497429569536_n 89672808_2511369072308039_6533058244091314176_n 89673768_2511370192307927_8792968570939113472_n 89689992_2511369832307963_9197362488004313088_n 89731619_2511368418974771_6857426496546406400_n 89744187_2511369622307984_6817664621327941632_n 89765409_2511369512307995_493251803962408960_n 89832055_2511370088974604_3544987863483416576_n 89949813_2511369182308028_1299445795673604096_n

Here is how Asoc.”Un strop de fericire” gained the superpower of visual thinking and visual facilitation tools after this TC.



The tangible outcomes of the course( were a set of 27 Mood Cards and a series of 6 Visual Dictionaries with ready-made visualizations of key terms based on six topics relevant in the youth work/educational field: Active citizenship and civic engagement; Entrepreneurship and employability; Environmental sustainability; Intercultural, intergenerational and interreligious communication; Social inclusion and equality; Mental and physical well-being.